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Joseph Lauher @8:27 am Dec-18-18
Helen Deng is our Champion on the Final. Helen received a grade of 184/185 and wins the final mug. Congratulations Helen.
Joseph Lauher @10:52 am Dec-17-18
Final Exam grades are up. The class did very well with and average of 136/180. Course grades will appear on Solar in a day or two. Happy Holidays everyone, it has been a great year!
Zach Katsamanis @6:22 pm Dec-18-18
Your CHE 332 grade can now be viewed on Oscerfolio.
Emily Chen @11:49 am Dec-7-18
There will be no weekly mini-review today, but mega review will be in Javits 102 at 3:30pm!
Joseph Lauher @10:52 am Dec-17-18
Exam III results are up. The class did very well. Class average of 78. Way to go!!
Joseph Lauher @4:51 pm Nov-26-18
On Friday we will start Chapter 36 with an emphasis on the rearrangements. Some of them are bizarre.
Emily Chen @3:05 pm Nov-2-18
Here are my slides from today's weekly review: https://tinyurl.com/CHE332-Week9-10
Makheni Jeanpierre @7:50 am Nov-5-18
Louise Cai @11:15 am Nov-1-18
Congratulations to our mug winners!!
Joseph Lauher @3:10 pm Oct-29-18
Exam 2 scores are up. The average was 73.3.
Joseph Lauher @3:10 pm Oct-29-18

No Lecture on Friday - October 26

We will start Chapter 34 on Monday.
Joseph Lauher @11:13 am Nov-1-18
Study Guides to the Wittig Reaction and the Diels Alder Reaction are now posted on the Documents page of the Home Page.
Kevin Tan @3:54 pm Oct-23-18
Yerr review tomorrow will be in Javits 102 from 3:30-6:30 everyone pull up
Rin Yang @5:42 pm Oct-10-18
Hello all- I will be approximately 1 hour late to the first set of my office hours on Friday because my lab is having a meeting. Will be there from 11-12 and then 1-2! -R
Taraneh Daryaee @9:45 am Sep-28-18
Good job Karthik!! #StudyHardGetMugs
Joseph Lauher @10:41 am Sep-26-18
Exam 1 scores are up. The average was 67 points.
Zach Katsamanis @1:38 am Sep-21-18
Exam cover posted on the Oscer Homepage, under Exams.
Kevin Tan @10:41 am Sep-26-18
Yerr review session tomorrow from 3:30-6:30 Javits 102 be there or be cyclobutane
Sabrina Vargas @5:22 pm Sep-19-18
Hello all! Just curious as to whether or not there was a review session on Friday? So far, I haven't heard anything about it, and if there is one, I would love to go!
Jacob Pylypciw @4:50 pm Sep-18-18
Can anyone see the ECHOs of the lectures or am I doing something wrong?
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