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8:58 am Jan-11

Welcome to CHE 331 Molecular Science II


This is the home page for the CHE 331 Molecular Science II course.

There are two parts to this website.  

The first part is the homepage that you are visiting now.  Here you will find the course syllabus, various documents, lecture notes, information about past and future exams, and the office hour schedule posted under Help.

The second part of the website is the Oscerfolio.  That is where you will find your personal home page.  The first thing you should do is upload a personal picture to use as your avatar and complete your profile.  You can then try out the Howler, our version of Twitter.  This is where you can ask a question, answer a question or just post a comment about the course.  For longer posting you can use your Blog

The Oscerfolio also contains the Quiz Taker.  The course has lots of quizzes, one for every class and workshop. We call them quizzes, but you should think of them as your daily homework assignment.  Do these quizzes seriously on a timely basis and you will do fine on the exams. Exam questions will be based upon quizzes.

The Quiz Taker also give your access to the Problem Sets.  They problem sets will be mainly written by the undergraduate TAs. They are not formally assigned and are not required, but completing them will help prepare for the exams.


8:36 am Jan-11

Lecture Activities and Oscer

We will be using Oscer during each Lecture.  Everyone will need access to some web enabled device.  A smart phone, a tablet or a laptop will work, any device that contains a web browser. 

Two people can share a device as long as they use two different browsers. For example if you have a iPhone and use Safari, your friend can share your phone and use the Chrome browser.  If you try to use the same browser it will not work, because the program can support only one log-in from a give browser at the same time.

Instead of using the Turning Point Clickers we will use OscerClick, which is a virtual clicker system.

We will be asking questions in lecture that require a chemical structure as an answer. These structures can be input using OscerSketchPlus to draw the structure or you can simply draw your answer on paper and then use OscerCam to take a picture and submit it.

I will look at the structures being submitted by the class and choose one or more structures to post on the screen.  When a structure is posted you will be able to see it on OscerView as well.

OscerChat is the in class chat room.  The undergraduate TAs will monitor the chat room during class and will try to answer your questions.  We will also be using OscerChat for informal in class quizzes.


8:10 am Jan-11

Text Book

Our textbook this term is Organic Chemistry by Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves and Stuart Warren.  It will also be used for Molecular Sciences III, CHE 332.

Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Clayden, Greeves and Warren
Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 978-0199270293

The book sells on Amazon for $169, but you can likely get the book cheaper by buying direct from Oxford.  There are also used copies available.  You can also buy an electronic copy.

Their web site is:  or call them at   800-280-0280.
Use the code: BURNS2016 for a 20 percent discount.

The best deal is the loose leaf edition plus the student manual for $139 less the 20 percent discount with the BURNS2016 discount code.
But to get this deal you need to call them at 800-280-0280.  It is a Stony Brook only deal and it is not on their website.
This deal has a special ISBN number ISBN (9780199384709).  Ask for this number when you call.

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