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Eman Kazi @3:40 pm Mar-12-14
I am moving my office hours to TOMORROW, THURSDAY 3/13/14, for THIS WEEK ONLY. I will also be handling organic chemistry t-shirt business there.
Eman Kazi @9:54 pm Mar-3-14
@Sergey, this is the link to the old exams: http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Class/orgchem/oldexams2/
Sergey Gelman @5:13 pm Feb-17-14
Where are the old exams located?
Ashwin Kelkar @8:54 pm Dec-18-13
Will the grade breakdown be available on the gradecheck any time soon?
Basil Alkhatib @2:06 pm Dec-13-13
Been an up and down semester but must say thanks to all the undergrad TAs and professors for helping me out. Hoping for the best!
Mark Yousef @8:43 pm Dec-12-13
whats the course website's email?
William Hackett @3:59 pm Dec-12-13
Hey I left my backpack in Javits 111 this morning; it's black and has a laptop charger in it. If anyone found it I'd really appreciate the help; thanks!
Eduardo Garcia @1:14 pm Dec-12-13
FB group > Howler infinitely
Jonathan McGuire @7:28 am Dec-12-13
This is it guys, have faith in your orgo intuition. Good luck to all!
Lamisha King @12:08 pm Dec-11-13
Julie Beck @1:31 am Dec-11-13
My workshop points decreased since the last time I checked two weeks ago...?
Eman Kazi @5:37 pm Dec-10-13
@Robert Fitting - the echo review session is now up.
Nicholas Ng @4:01 pm Dec-10-13
My points have not updated either.
Cristin Carley @3:23 pm Dec-10-13
Are the final clicker points up? I heard that they were posted, but mine have not changed since the last time they were posted. Thanks!
Emma Brower @10:40 am Dec-10-13
Are all the points up for the workshop? How many is it out of again?
Zach Katsamanis @1:43 am Dec-10-13
Final exam room assignments are on the CHE 321 Oscer website.
Vacharaporn Jaroenkom @4:44 pm Dec-9-13
When will the echo for the review session be posted? Thank you.
Jen Imbrogno @4:32 pm Dec-9-13
PLEASE make sure you fill out Peter's evaluation that was emailed to you! It is very important and will be very helpful! good luck everyone!
Alexander Driver-Benjamin @3:48 pm Dec-9-13
For the bonus workshop what was the answer for C and D
Philip Xie @10:03 pm Dec-8-13
When can we know the room assignment for the final exam on Thursday?
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