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Shoshanna Jadoonanan @12:44 pm Dec-20-14
What is the cut off for a B+?
Alvin Oommen @5:53 pm Dec-16-14
What is the lowest score for an A-?
Michelle Olakkengil @6:23 pm Dec-16-14
500 - it's on the syllabus.
Daniella Guzman @1:31 am Dec-16-14
Is the final workshop score equal to the we quiz score + the ws score? Mine do not match up
Joseph Lauher @9:48 am Dec-16-14
Yes, you just add them. But the maximum points is 60, so if you sum is greater you get 60.
Kaliana Veros @9:03 pm Dec-15-14
Would 477 be about a B+?
Joseph Lauher @9:50 am Dec-16-14
477 is a B.
Spiro Delakas @6:56 pm Dec-15-14
Prof. Lauher I have one last question about the grading policy that I am hoping you could answer. I know in the beginning of the year you said for the ones that do there work and go to class and receive there points will generally have a half letter grade higher for there course average. I was just wondering if this applies to students who end up doing pretty well on the final and just miss a better letter grade on the final by a few points?
Joseph Lauher @9:45 am Dec-16-14
In most cases you will get the grade on the final if you final's letter grade is higher than the course letter grade.
Spiro Delakas @6:58 pm Dec-15-14
Also, I just wanted to thank you for a very fun semester, I really enjoyed it and I'm definitely looking forward to Organic Chem 2. Thanks for everything and I hope you have a great break.
Joseph Lauher @2:41 pm Dec-15-14
The grades on the final exam are now posted on your Gradecheck page. Course grades will go up later in the week on Solar.
Nicholas Palagonia @3:42 pm Dec-15-14
What was the final exam average ?
Ramsha Farooq @3:33 pm Dec-15-14
Thank you!
Nicholas Palagonia @9:01 pm Dec-12-14
When will the grades be going up ? Tuesday or wednesday?
Joseph Lauher @9:50 am Dec-13-14
Exam scores will likely go up on Tuesday or perhaps late Monday. Course grades will appear in Solar later in the week.
Jennifer Bacchus @2:56 pm Dec-12-14
The syllabus says that the lowest grade for a B is 390 points. So how it is that 420 points is a B-?
Joseph Lauher @3:31 pm Dec-12-14
390 is the lowest B-
Serafina Margono @12:42 pm Dec-12-14
What is the lowest grade out of 600 for an A-?
Andreas Kavellaris @6:00 pm Dec-13-14
I'd like to know this also
Tylene Hilaire @11:40 am Dec-12-14
Is a 420/600 points a B?
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